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3D Printing: Aeromodelling Evolved

3D printing represents the next great leap in model aircraft technology. Anyone with a desktop machine can build detailed models with great flight performance with just some plastic and a few mouse clicks. And unencumbered by high tooling and distribution costs, designers are free to focus on which new and exciting aircraft is next.

Join us as we push the limits.

What We Do


Printable Flying Models

We offer ready-to-print model aircraft designs as digital downloads complete with build guides, slicing settings, and pre-compiled toolpaths. Visit our store to check them out!

Hardware & Electronics

Aeromodelling has a serious side - and rapid prototyping technologies can help with that too. Check out our hardware & electronics kits geared for hobbyist or commercial small UAS. 


Design Services

Need help designing some parts or customizing an existing design? We're happy to provide design-for-hire services. Contact us to discuss your project.

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