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The ERCO Ercoupe is a general aviation aircraft from a time when flying was immensely popular. Advertised as “the world’s safest plane”, the Ercoupe had great visibility, resistance to spins, and gentle handling & control characteristics intended to make it easy for almost anyone to fly. Today – more than 70 years after its first flight – the Ercoupe is still unique and interesting enough to maintain a devoted following. And to become a 3D printed R/C model!


This product is a digital download which includes:


  • STL 3D model files
  • Simplify3D factory files
  • Pre-generated gcode files
  • Build guide & suggested hardware list


Ercoupe Hardware Pack


Click to Download the Build Guide

Click to Download a Sample Part


ERCO Ercoupe



1500mm (59”)


1003.5mm (39.5”)

Wing Area:

37.9dm2 (4.09ft2)

Print Weight:


Flying Weight:


Wing Loading:

65g/dm2 (21.3oz/ft2)


NACA4412 modified

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