This is the Hitec MD65MG servo configured for the DroneCAN communication protocol. It can be operated by flight controllers that support DroneCAN or UAVCAN v0 actuators. 

Spec Highlights

Serial Protocol: DroneCAN / UAVCAN v0

Stall Torque: Up To 30.55oz•in (2.2kgf•cm)

Max Speed: 0.11s/60°

Operating Voltage: 4.8 ~ 6.0V

Weight: 11.9g

Controller: High Resolution 32-bit Programmable Digital Circuit

Position Sensor: Magnetic Encoder

Motor Type: Cored

Programmable Functions

  • End Point Adjustments
  • Direction
  • Fail Safe
  • Dead Band
  • Speed (Slower)
  • Soft Start Rate
  • Overload Protection
  • Data Save / Load
  • Program Reset

Hitec MD65MG Servo - DroneCAN / UAVCAN v0