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Looking for a long-range encrypted R/C and telemetry solution for your hobby or commercial unmanned aircraft? This DIY module packages an RFD900x modem in the common JR module form factor for plug-and-play installation in most R/C transmitters. Direct PPM pass-through provides R/C control and a built-in WiFi module conveniently bridges MAVLINK data from your flight controller to a connected PC or smart device for a robust wireless telemetry connection. 

This kit includes:


  • Base PCB
  • WiFi module
  • 5V and 3.3V regulators
  • All required connectors, resistors, capacitors, and other PCB components
  • All required cables and fasteners for assembly
  • STL, Simplify3D factory, and gcode files for the printed housing
  • Illustrated build guide


Required for completion:

  • RFD900x radio modem (plus another on your aircraft)
  • 900MHz antennas
  • FTDI cable (for setup)
  • An R/C transmitter with a JR-style module bay capable of PPM output



Click to Download the Build Guide

Click to Download 3D Print Files





  • Kits are prepared by hand - please allow up to a week for shipping.
  • This product is not affiliated with RFDesign or Ardupilot.

RFD900x DIY Module Kit

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