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The Simple F-35B requires a handful of different types of fasteners, so this hardware pack offers a convenient and low-cost way to get your model assembled. This hardware pack supports the 70mm version of the model and also contains the necessary hardware for the 70mm 3BSM included with the download.


Short M3 heat-set threaded inserts (x28)
#2 x 1/2” nylon spacers (x4)
M2 x 20 cap screws (x4)
M2 flat washers (x8)
M2 hex nuts (x4)
M3 x 20 socket-head screws (x6) 
M3 x 16 socket-head screws (x4)

M3 x 10 socket-head screws (x6)

M3 x 6 socket-head screws (x4)

M3 x 6 flat-head screws (x12)
M3 flat washers (x10)

#2 x 3/16" self-tapping screws (x21)
#2 x 5/16" self-tapping screws (x14)

#2 flat washers (x12)

2 x 5 x 2.5mm bearings (x36)

M2 x 5 flat-head screws (x36)

Bolts are made from durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Links for any specialty fasteners not included in the hardware pack (struts, rods, wheel collars, etc.) can be found in the build guide. 

Simple F-35B & 3BSM Hardware Pack - 70mm

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