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The Valkyrie is an exciting 90mm EDF sport jet inspired by “loyal wingman” combat drones. These unmanned air vehicles are designed to be deployed alongside manned aircraft to protect pilots and assist in their mission. They’re fast, stealthy, and capable machines with enough intelligence to operate with little human oversight. In that spirit, this 3D-printed R/C model can optionally be equipped with an Ardupilot flight controller to enable assisted and autonomous flight features. 


This product is a digital download which includes:


  • STL 3D model files
  • Simplify3D factory files
  • Pre-generated gcode files
  • Build guide & suggested hardware list


Valkyrie Hardware Pack


Click to Download the Build Guide

Click to Download a Sample Part

Also, be sure to check out our Smart Sequencer - a retract and gear door controller that's perfect for the Valkyrie. 

XQ-58A Valkyrie



1490mm (58.7”)


1280mm (50.4”)

Wing Area:

40.5dm2 (4.36ft2)

Print Weight:

2595g (5.7lb)

Flying Weight:

4650g (10.3lb)

Wing Loading:

115g/dm2 (37.7oz/ft2)


RG-15 modified

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