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Most CAN servos are currently out of stock due to the impact of chip shortages on manufacturing. Availability is expected between late January and early February, and we're working directly with Hitec to ensure that our stock is replenished as soon as the next shipment of servos arrives. Feel free to backorder if you'd like to hold your spot in line - we'll ship as soon as we can and notify you if there are any changes.

This electronics pack transforms the 3BSM from a printed plastic tube into a fully functional thrust vectoring system. Included components are:

The 3BSM Controller Board

  • Accepts standard PWM R/C input for transition and yaw
  • Performs the necessary math and trigonometry
  • Drives the servos to the correct positions to achieve the desired thrust angles
  • Is easy to set up using the 3BSM Config App


Three Hitec CAN Servos

  • Bidirectional control & data using CAN 2.0A protocol
  • High resolution 32-bit programmable digital circuit
  • Long-life magnetic encoder position sensor
  • Coreless motor
  • IP65 water and dust protection


DPC-CAN Programming Tool

  • For firmware updates and configuration of the Hitec CAN servos


Two Male-Male Servo Leads

  • For connection to a flight controller or R/C receiver



Print files for the 3BSM are available separately. Click Here for details


Further, Click Here to download the 3BSM Config App

Selecting Servos

  • For the 90mm 3BSM, choose the default MD85MG-CAN servos
  • For the 70mm 3BSM, choose the MD70MH-CAN servos
  • For a custom upscaled 3BSM, a particularly high-thrust 90mm setup, or a wider input voltage range, the MD89MW-CAN servos are available as an optional upgrade

3BSM Electronics Pack

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