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This electronics pack transforms the 3BSM from a printed plastic tube into a fully functional thrust vectoring system. Included components are:

The 3BSM Controller Board

  • Accepts standard PWM R/C input for transition and yaw
  • Performs the necessary math and trigonometry
  • Drives the servos to the correct positions to achieve the desired thrust angles
  • Is easy to set up using the 3BSM Config App


Three Hitec CAN Servos

  • Bidirectional control & data using CAN 2.0A protocol
  • High resolution 32-bit programmable digital circuit
  • Long-life magnetic encoder position sensor
  • Coreless motor
  • IP65 water and dust protection


DPC-CAN Programming Tool

  • For firmware updates and configuration of the Hitec CAN servos


Two Male-Male Servo Leads

  • For connection to a flight controller or R/C receiver



Print files for the 3BSM are available separately. Click Here for details


Further, Click Here to download the 3BSM Config App

Selecting Servos

  • For the 90mm 3BSM, choose the MD89MW-CAN servos
  • For the 70mm 3BSM, choose the MD70MH-CAN servos

3BSM Electronics Pack

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