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Vertical takeoff or landing - VTOL - is among the toughest challenges in aeromodelling. This is especially true when you throw ducted fans into the mix. Fortunately, 3D printing is here to help. This three-bearing swivel module (3BSM) model mirrors the design used on the F-35B jet. When coupled with the right electronics and software, you can create ducted van VTOL models of your own! 


This product is a digital download which includes:


STL 3D model files
Simplify3D or .3mf manufacturing files
Pre-generated gcode files
Suggested hardware list


The 3BSM design fits FMS 90mm Special Metal EDF units, but should be compatible with other similar fans as well. If your 90mm EDF doesn't fit, Contact Us and we'll design an adapter.



Download the Quick Reference Guide

View the 3BSM Build Guide Video Series

Three-Bearing Swivel Module (3BSM) - 90mm


To complete the 3BSM, check out the following products:

Electronics Pack

Hardware Pack

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