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The F-35B represents the pinnacle of aviation technology – a supersonic fighter jet capable of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) while maintaining a low radar cross section. While this model won’t break the sound barrier, it does replicate the F-35B’s VTOL capability with impressive stability. This feature was unheard of in EDF jet models until recently, and is sure to wow everybody at the flying field.

This model is a smaller version of our Simple F-35B design, scaled for 70mm EDF rather than 90mm. It's made from less expensive, easier-to-source materials and features removable wings and tail surfaces for portability. Like the larger version, it's designed to be equipped with an autopilot running Ardupilot software for the stability and control necessary for fully functional VTOL flight.


This product is a digital download which includes:


  • STL 3D model files
  • Simplify3D or .3mf manufacturing files
  • Pre-generated gcode files
  • Templates for foam parts
  • ArduPilot firmware files with pre-configured parameters
  • Custom RealFlight model and firmware
  • Build guide and suggested hardware list


The 3BSM

A 70mm version of the 3-bearing swivel module (3BSM) design that forms the VTOL propulsion system is INCLUDED with this product. A hardware pack and an electronics pack are available to facilitate assembly of the 3BSM.


What does "BETA" mean?


While this model is surprisingly easy to fly once built and configured, it's also incredibly complex. The mechanical design, autopilot, 3BSM, and software must all function in perfect harmony for each successful flight.

Due to the difficulty of packaging and documenting all that complexity, there are a few things to watch out for:


  • The build guide may be missing a few details
  • Some parts may have minor fitment issues
  • Flight controller parameter tweaks may be necessary
  • PIDs may require additional tuning

We're confident that none of the above would prevent an experienced R/C modeler from successfully completing and flying this model. But otherwise, please pardon this early release being a little rough around the edges. If you find something out of place, please don't hesitate to contact us! You'll be notified by e-mail of any fixes, changes, and improvements added to this design after you download. And of course, you'll receive those for free. 


Download the Build Guide


Simple F-35B Hardware Pack - 70mm

ArduPilot Setup Guide

RealFlight Simulation Tutorial

Simple F-35B VTOL - 70mm



778mm (30.6)


1139mm (44.8”)

Wing Area:

22.6dm2 (2.43ft2)

Print Weight:

800g (1.8lb)

Flying Weight:

2700g (6.0lb)

Wing Loading:

119g/dm2 (39.2oz/ft2)


KFm2 Step

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